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An almost perfect day

I flicked the beetle off my neck, and it fell down the front of my shirt. When I flicked it out of my cleavage, it landed in the whipped cream on top of my waffle. Continue reading

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No, really, how much do you hate fat people?

Via  Shakesville comes this piece of fat-hating dreck from Reuters:   Modern Etiquette: Do the obese really deserve contempt?  I’d like to preface what I’m about to write with the following:  There’s a reason I don’t get paid for writing, and that my … Continue reading

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Spot the Sexism #6, Belated Valentine Edition: All women are whores

Just some are more expensive than others.

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Spot the Sexism #5, Belated Valentine Edition: Rape Joke Valentine


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Winston and me, siblings in song-fail

I’ve been having ongoing troubles getting my voice working. Before the round of antibiotics I sounded like this guy: I’m quite a bit better now, but the fail still sneaks in from time to time. 

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Douchebaggery Alert: MLA advises girls to give up on equality

This is the inaugural post in my “Douchebag Alert” series, in which a (generally) public figure says or does something douchey, and I take (generally) him to task.  In my opinion, anything pertaining to douche makes for an excellent feminist … Continue reading

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Godbag Fail

So this morning while the cable guy was connecting my new place to the intertoobz, I got a visit from a Jehovah’s Witness. JW: Good morning, welcome to the neighborhood!  Have you read the Bible? Me: Yes I have, and … Continue reading

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