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My favourite things!

Two of them, and they like eachother! This made my day. Advertisements

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Poor Lilith

My Favourite Vet Tech was at the reception counter at the vet’s office. Lilith has a grudge against FVT from last visit, when she was loopy from sedation but still plenty angry, and I couldn’t get her to go into her crate to go home. FVT was the one who got the honour of donning enormous padded leather gauntlets and physically stuffing her into the crate. As soon as FVT said hi to me, Lilith recognized her voice and started growling. Continue reading

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Winston and me, siblings in song-fail

I’ve been having ongoing troubles getting my voice working. Before the round of antibiotics I sounded like this guy: I’m quite a bit better now, but the fail still sneaks in from time to time. 

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Random cat picture

So cute, but those axes of snorgling you think you see are all traps.

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!@#$ Cat

This is Lilith. I love her very much, but she is a very bad cat. Sometimes she is bad on purpose; the other day she was bad without meaning to be.

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