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Singing Classical Music and Being a Hardass Atheist

I am an atheist. The hardass kind. I also love to sing. And a lot of vocal, and especially choral, music is religious in nature.
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Lesbian moms are good for kids – maybe better than just one straight one

h/t Maude of Shakesville Kids of lesbian moms are well-adjusted and have fewer behaviour problems than their peers. A nearly 25-year study concluded that children raised in lesbian households were psychologically well-adjusted and had fewer behavioral problems than their peers. … Continue reading

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Stalkeriffic douche-nozzle gets girl: so, so, so not new

So at my voice lessons I’m finally learning a new song.  It’s in the Alfred book of 26 Italian Arias, and if you’re learning to sing Western Art Music, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll sing from this book at some … Continue reading

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Still more reproductive coercion

Via Know More Say More, the Guttmacher Institute has released a study, to be published in an upcoming issue of Social Science and Medicine, documenting the link between men’s abuse of their female intimate partners, and reproductive coercion. The Guttmacher … Continue reading

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More on reproductive coercion

I wrote previously about coerced pregnancies in abusive relationships.  More research showing that the dominant trope of “she trapped me with a pregnancy” is actually the other way around.  Fifty-three percent of respondents reported physical or sexual partner violence, 19% reported … Continue reading

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Spot the Sexism #8: Baked goods they can actually eat aren’t enough to get celiacs’ attention

Never mind that if you’re celiac (or even just have someone in your life who is), it doesn’t take any more than this to make you slam on the brakes and swerve across three lanes of traffic while crying tears … Continue reading

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Suffering: bug, or feature?

It would be nice to say I just don’t understand, can’t fathom why the Harper government behaves the way it does. I could run around waving my arms and being dramatic and demanding, why, why, why; do they not realize … Continue reading

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