Comment Policy

(Assuming I ever get traffic and comments to the point this becomes necessary!)

Moderation:  I like comments!  Please say something!  In case my previous comment settings were deterring people from posting, I’ve made it so your post will appear right away.  I despise spam, so I have the comments set to where I have to approve you the first time you post something.  Sometimes I ignore the blog for extended periods of time, so it could take days and days for your comment to appear.  Please don’t take it personally.  

Disagreement:  Echo chambers are boring.  Dissent is welcome as long as it is interesting and non-abusive.

Abuse: Abuse of me or of other commenters will not be tolerated.  Threats will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Language:  Just as in real life, please make the tone of your comment fit the tone of the post.  If I’m being vulgar, go ahead and be vulgar too.  But for things like sewing tutorials (yes, I do plan to post some!), there could be nice, well-mannered people reading, so please moderate your language and behaviour accordingly.

Veto:  My blog, my rules.  I can be capricious if I feel like it.  If I feel like you’re being a troll, I’ll turn you into a newt.  Or something.



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