Science, Skepticism, and Medblogs

Medblogs:  (An unfortunate addiction of mine)
Grand Rounds Archive & Upcoming Schedule
Cutting Through The Crap
Doc Gurley
The Examining Room of Dr. Charles
In Sickness and In Health A Place for Couples Dealing with Illness

Science – quite an overlap here between cool sciencey stuff and atheist rantery:
Obviously there’s Science Blogs – some of my favourites are
A Blog Around the Clock
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Greg Laden
Respectful Insolence
Thus Spake Zuska

Other science stuff:
A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag
Evidence Matters
Research Blogging
<a href=""Science-based Medicine

Not blogs necessarily but standing guard against idiocy and worth a read:
Annals of Improbable Research
Home of the Ratbags on the Net
James Randi Educational Foundation — Home Page
National Council Against health Fraud
Quackwatch Home Page
Urban Legends Reference Pages


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