Birth announcement: Wayward baby gerbils

The last of Arbourist‘s classroom gerbils passed away this spring, after a long (for a gerbil) and pampered life.  The empty cage made us sad, so Arb’s friend, who manages a pet store, found us a new pair of young gerbils.  There may have been a bit of self-interest involved, since she’s been having trouble with her gerbil supplier, and she got us a male and a female.  They’ve been very cute and curious and busy.  It turns out they’ve been busy with more than renovations. 

A handsome black and white male gerbil named Neo.  I did not choose the name.

A handsome black and white male gerbil named Neo. I did not choose the name.

We didn’t know they’d had babies until Arb picked up their little house while he was cleaning the habitat, and there was a little nest with four babies. They must have been there for a while because they already had fur at that point. They’re like a little Punnett Square: three pale grey like Mom, and one black like Dad, all of them with white markings like Dad’s, although they’re harder to see on the light-coloured ones. Except that it would only work if both parents were heterozygous for that colour locus, and if you look at the phenotypes it’s clear they can’t have the same colour genotype.   They do seem to be working on another litter, though, so statistics will continue to be collected.

An elegant pale-grey female gerbil named Trinity.  I did not choose this name either.

An elegant pale-grey female gerbil named Trinity. I did not choose this name either.

In the last couple days, even though their eyes aren’t open, the babies have started getting out of the nest and wandering around. Both parents are very busy grabbing babies and stuffing them back into the nest, since they’re outnumbered two to one. They’ve tried to build a wall of fluff to keep the babies in, but it’s not working so well.  Lots more pictures after the break. 

A tiny grey and white baby gerbil is crawling out of its little red house.

I'm free!

The same grey and white baby gerbil, a bit further from its house

Look at me go!

A grey and white baby gerbil, coming out of a tunnel, assumes a vaguely heroic pose.

This is so exciting!

A tiny grey baby gerbil headed out on its own.  A black and white adult gerbil is coming out of its red house to get the baby.

Just where do you think you're going?

Neo carries a grey baby back to the nest while Trinity supervises.

Oh no you don't!

Trinity carries the black baby back to the nest.

Oh no, you don't!

Trinity puts a grey baby back in the red house while Neo watches.

And stay there!


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4 Responses to Birth announcement: Wayward baby gerbils

  1. We have open eyes on all the babies now. I’m sure Intransigentia will have more pics shortly of the little guys 🙂

  2. renetascian says:

    Awww :3 Cute little thingies… I wish I could have pets but the apartment complex I live in is well X_x

  3. They won’t even let you have tiny animals in cages? What a buncha jerks!

  4. renetascian says:

    Yep, they’ll evict me if I have anything more than a beta. They are really up tight, these apartments really aren’t worth what they charge, and they cut corners building the place, but home is home. I have to have a trustworthy roommate situation, so it limits me a bit. And it’s expensive to move. I don’t like to live alone, mostly for safety reasons.

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