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Simon made another cat video! Advertisements

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Birth announcement: Wayward baby gerbils

The last of Arbourist‘s classroom gerbils passed away this spring, after a long (for a gerbil) and pampered life.  The empty cage made us sad, so Arb’s friend, who manages a pet store, found us a new pair of young gerbils.  … Continue reading

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An Interesting Experiment which I Shall Not Attempt to Replicate

DIY science is not only a time-honoured tradition, it can also be a lot of fun. Anne Corwin, of Felines are Wonderful recently read about an experiment testing feline intelligence that concluded cats are pretty dumb. Anne actually paid the … Continue reading

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An almost perfect day

I flicked the beetle off my neck, and it fell down the front of my shirt. When I flicked it out of my cleavage, it landed in the whipped cream on top of my waffle. Continue reading

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