Stalkeriffic douche-nozzle gets girl: so, so, so not new

So at my voice lessons I’m finally learning a new song.  It’s in the Alfred book of 26 Italian Arias, and if you’re learning to sing Western Art Music, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll sing from this book at some point.  It’s so popular I couldn’t find it at the music store.  Not because it was out of stock, but because instead of being filed alphabetically with all the other anthologies, it had its own slot.

The song is “Sebben, crudele”, from Antonio Caldara’s 1710 opera La constanza in amor vince l’inganno.

It’s a beautiful song, and it’s also evidence that the Dogged Nice Guy Stalkeriffic Douche trope is, if not quite Older than Steam, absolutely Older Than Radio.

According to the blurb in my book, this aria is sung by a young man to a young woman who once loved him, but doesn’t any more. A rough translation of the lyrics is, you’re mean for not loving me, but I’ll make you love me by wearing you down with acts of patient servitude.

“Ha”, said the Arbourist, when I commented on it to him, “We all know how well that works out.”

Considering that the title of the opera translates to “Faithfulness in love conquers treachery”, apparently the delusion that the Dogged Nice Guy Stalkeriffic Douche has any chance in hell with the object of his affection, is also Older than Radio.


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