Still more reproductive coercion

Via Know More Say More, the Guttmacher Institute has released a study, to be published in an upcoming issue of Social Science and Medicine, documenting the link between men’s abuse of their female intimate partners, and reproductive coercion.

The Guttmacher researchers interviewed women in three different cities in the USA, who had been identified as having been subjected to intimate partner violence in intake interviews at either a domestic violence shelter, a family planning clinic, or an abortion clinic.  Three in four of the 71 women interviewed (74%) reported some form of reproductive coercion: “… their partners had threatened to get them pregnant, forced them to have unprotected sex, sabotaged or interfered with their contraception, threatened them with sexual intercourse, tried to control the outcome of their pregnancies if they became pregnant, or in other ways tried to coerce their reproductive outcomes. (source)”

The full text of the Guttmacher study (with a massive, massive trigger warning –  It contains excerpts from interviews with the participants in the studies, and they are gut-wrenching.)

Moore, A., Frohwirth, L., & Miller, E.  Male reproductive control of women who have experienced intimate partner violence in the United States.


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