Another study showing that being objectified is bad for you

h/t – Hey guess what ladies: being objectified is bad for you and can impair your cognitive performance! Yeah, obvious problem is obvious.

Also some victim-blaming fail in the conclusions:

They suggest further research would be valuable to discover why some women are prone to self-objectification, while others seem protected against it. Gay and Castano’s data suggest about 20 percent of women have a strong propensity toward self-objectification and are thus particularly susceptible to triggers, such as being stared at.

The researchers propose a campaign of awareness and education regarding this phenomenon, which could help women “begin to gain control over, or at least buffer themselves against” its negative cognitive impact.

Yeah, because something like, hey assholes, cut it the hell out already would be too hard. It’s women who need to change ourselves.

Full text is behind a paywall.


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