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Random thought

If you managed to stick your foot in your mouth while your head was up your own ass would you look like a Klein Bottle? Is there a word for the thing you would look like? Besides a former MP … Continue reading

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Government Officials and Highly Exothermic Reactions

According to CBC News, besides having killed eleven people, the oil slick from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster is threatening the ecologically sensitive marshlands of coastal Louisiana. The slick is oozing towards the mouth of the Mississippi river, home … Continue reading

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Suffering: bug, or feature?

It would be nice to say I just don’t understand, can’t fathom why the Harper government behaves the way it does. I could run around waving my arms and being dramatic and demanding, why, why, why; do they not realize … Continue reading

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Master Suppression Techniques

Norwegian social psychologist and politician Berit Ås describes five techniques that patriarchy-enforcers use to keep women down. The five master suppression techniques that Berit Ås identified are: Making Invisible Ridiculing Withholding Information Damned If You Do And Damned If You … Continue reading

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Another study showing that being objectified is bad for you

h/t – Hey guess what ladies: being objectified is bad for you and can impair your cognitive performance! Yeah, obvious problem is obvious. Also some victim-blaming fail in the conclusions: They suggest further research would be valuable to discover why … Continue reading

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Salvation is created by Pavel Tchesnokov

Today in things I need to sing before I die:

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