High-ranking Police Officer Blames Rapists for Rape

Superintendent Danielle Campbell, head of the Edmonton Police Service’s Criminal Investigations Division says the EPS is changing the way they address sexual assault.  (Which is about bloody well time, considering that in the past they’ve issued such helpful gems as advising women not to open their doors to strangers, or to keep their windows closed and locked in midsummer.)  In her media session March 4, Supt Campbell, whose head is not up her ass, repeatedly asserted that sexual assault is not the victim’s fault, and stated that the previous warnings were “the wrong messaging.”

From the Edmonton Journal:

“Of the 645 sexual assaults that were reported to our service in 2009, more than 40 per cent were alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults,” said Supt. Danielle Campbell, who heads the Criminal Investigations Division. “I’m tired of that trend. It needs to stop.”

Campbell stressed that a sexual assault is never the fault of the victim. She said no means no the first time, and another drink can’t change that.

“We need people to understand that consent cannot be given if the person is impaired by alcohol: If they’re passed out, if they’re unconscious, if they’re sleeping,” Campbell said. “If you have to ask yourself: ‘Are they sober enough to give consent?’ Take a phone number. Call them the next day.”

Look at this!  She’s blaming rapists for rape!  Go Supt. Campbell! 

It’s a good start, but unfortunately it simply doesn’t go far enough.

According to the research that’s starting to come out on rapists, alcohol-facilitated sexual assault doesn’t seem to be about miscommunication, or misconceptions of consent.  Rather, men who use alcohol to incapacitate women for the purpose of raping them, do it over and over again like they know what they ‘re doing and are doing it on purpose.  Maybe next year Campbell will say something like, “Look, assholes, we know what you’re up to and we’re on to you.”  Here’s hoping.


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One Response to High-ranking Police Officer Blames Rapists for Rape

  1. “Look, assholes, we know what you’re up to and we’re on to you.”

    It is a positive step in the right direction. We really need to start taking rape seriously in our culture. We need more people like Campbell getting the message out whether society wants to hear about it or not.

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