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Walking the Feminist Line

The dominant discourse about feminism puts women into a lovely false dichotomy: you can either embrace your oppression (and spend lots of money buying products to oppress yourself with), or be one of those. Continue reading

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High-ranking Police Officer Blames Rapists for Rape

Superintendent Danielle Campbell, head of the Edmonton Police Service’s Criminal Investigations Division says the EPS is changing the way they address sexual assault.  (Which is about bloody well time, considering that in the past they’ve issued such helpful gems as … Continue reading

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My favourite things!

Two of them, and they like eachother! This made my day.

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No, really, how much do you hate fat people?

Via  Shakesville comes this piece of fat-hating dreck from Reuters:   Modern Etiquette: Do the obese really deserve contempt?  I’d like to preface what I’m about to write with the following:  There’s a reason I don’t get paid for writing, and that my … Continue reading

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