Spot the Sexism #7: Macleans Cover

A scantily-clad Black woman crawling on hands and knees.  The title is "Sex, Drugs, and Acrobats".
Yeah, this image totally represents Cirque to Soleil to me!

Gee, nothing at all wrong with slapping a picture of a Woman of Colour in a sexually subservient position and naked-savage-stereotype (lack of) clothing on your cover.  After all, as my partner so astutely observed when I grumphed about it, Woman=sex so this image is totally topical.  Besides, there are no images available anywhere of Cirque du Soleil performers doing things that are acrobatic and sexy that aren’t also degrading and exploitative.


About The Intransigent One

Sometimes I like to post pictures of my cat or my garden or my sewing or other stuff I made or did. Other times I like to rant.
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