A world with no abortions, ever

My beloved has a troll.  She’s a pretty much standard-issue anti-choicer, equal parts “Punish the Slutty Sluts with Forced Childbirth” and “Sex for Me but Not for Thee”.  Among the more choice turds she’s vomited up are:

Everyone would be Pro-Life if they pulled their heads out of their behinds and decided to take real responsibility for their actions. There’s no excuse to be Pro-Death anymore except for rape. And even now there’s a rape condom to help prevent that, too.

I haven’t asked her, is every woman who gets pregnant from being raped, who had not inserted the anti-rape device before entering the presences of a rapist,  culpable.  Or whether she personally wears one at all times.

 Sex makes babies. Plain and simple.  Perhaps the poor of the world, or the people not wanting to accidentally get pregnant should ABSTAIN from sex all together; get some better, cheaper, morally sound hobbies.

Yeah.  She really said that.

Once I finished bleaching my brain, it got me thinking.  What would be necessary for there to never, ever, ever be a need to abort.

To start with, once a wanted pregnancy is underway:

  • All complications of pregnancy would have to be curable without risk of harm to the fetus
  • All fetal anomalies presenting a risk to the mother, are curable
  • Any other health problem a pregnant woman came down with coincidental to the pregnancy – infection, disease or trauma –  would have to be treatable without risk of harm to the fetus
  • Sufficient social services available that having a baby/child with even major disabilities is no big deal because there is no stigma, and the family knows they will get all the help they need
  • Sufficient social services available that a sudden change in circumstances – for example job loss or the dissolution of a relationship – won’t drastically impact the family’s ability to provide all the food/care/shelter the child will need 

(I’m thinking hmm, these are all really good things, and pretty pie-in-the-sky, but not totally impossible)

  • Circumstances would never change to make a wanted pregnancy unwanted. 
    • No woman ever has sober second thoughts of holy shit I can’t do this. 
    • When relationships break up mid-pregnancy, it’s always amicable and the partners work out a positive co-parenting plan and feel good about it well in advance of the birth.  
    • Abusers never ramp it up when the victim is pregnant. Homicide by their male partner is an uheard-of cause of death of pregnant women in the West.  In fact, there is total equality between men and women, and kyriarchy is a thing of the past, so there is never any abuse in relationships, and no woman would ever need to consider terminating a pregnancy as part of the process of getting herself totally away from her abuser.

Well, that pie in the sky is now in near-Earth orbit.  I was planning to look at what all would have to be in place before anybody ever had PIV intercourse too, but this is already long and starting to depress me.


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Sometimes I like to post pictures of my cat or my garden or my sewing or other stuff I made or did. Other times I like to rant.
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  1. What about the Baaaaaaaabeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


    Excellent post :>

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