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Why sexist humour isn’t “just” a joke

Here we have a study with answers to the following questions: Why do you have to be so sensitive? It was only a joke! What do you mean, hostile environment?  A research project led by a Western Carolina University psychology … Continue reading

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It’s fucked up how we gender our pets when they totally don’t care. I was surprised by the strong feelings I had when it got time to have my darling shithead kitten neutered.   I grew up believing responsible owners spay … Continue reading

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Poor Lilith

My Favourite Vet Tech was at the reception counter at the vet’s office. Lilith has a grudge against FVT from last visit, when she was loopy from sedation but still plenty angry, and I couldn’t get her to go into her crate to go home. FVT was the one who got the honour of donning enormous padded leather gauntlets and physically stuffing her into the crate. As soon as FVT said hi to me, Lilith recognized her voice and started growling. Continue reading

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Spot the Sexism #7: Macleans Cover

Yeah, this image totally represents Cirque to Soleil to me!

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Spot the Sexism #6, Belated Valentine Edition: All women are whores

Just some are more expensive than others.

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Spot the Sexism #5, Belated Valentine Edition: Rape Joke Valentine


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A world with no abortions, ever

My beloved has a troll.  She’s a pretty much standard-issue anti-choicer, equal parts “Punish the Slutty Sluts with Forced Childbirth” and “Sex for Me but Not for Thee”.  Among the more choice turds she’s vomited up are: Everyone would be … Continue reading

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