What I drove past on Blog for Choice Day


This sign may be approaching physical limits of mendacity/square meter.

Starting with the image: 

  • Check out how the fetus has been shown impossibly large and placed in an anatomically imposible position, so that you can clearly see not only its face but a facial expression.
  • Check out how just about everything about the mother’s humanity and agency – like her face and her legs – has been cropped out so they only show the incubating parts.

The text is full of fail too.

In the absence of any abortion law, 300 unborn babies will die by abortion in Canada.

(Never mind that the vast majority of abortions happen before there’s anything even vaguely resembling a baby, and the rest are done from dire medical need.  And that even when abortion is illegal, women still do it, just that we risk, ya know, dieing from it because there’s no proper medical professionals keeping us safe.)

Every day, 300 women feel they have no other choice.

Dipshits, having an abortion is a choice.  The other choice is to go through pregnancy and childbirth.  Some women, when they consider that option, decide abortion is a better course of action for themselves, economically, psychologically, and physically.  “Having no other choice” sounds a lot more, to me, like what happens when a woman has an untenable pregnancy in a jurisdiction where lawmakers have decided that they know better how to decide what happens to her body and her future, than she possibly could.

In Canada, where abortion has been legal – with no restrictions –  for a few decades, women, along with our doctors, have been doing the best we can to make the right decisions for ourselves, our bodies, our futures, often under difficult circumstances.  On the whole, we seem to be managing that responsibility pretty well.  Not surprising, really, since women (just like men) are human beings with moral agency and the ability to weigh options and consequences and try to come up with the best, or at least, least-worst, outcomes.  Please trust us to continue doing so.

Justice demands better for them both.

For the few cases where a woman has an abortion even though she would really rather have given birth, this sign does nothing to help deal with the situation that made her feel like she had to abort. 

And I fail to see how forced pregnancy produces justice for anybody.


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Sometimes I like to post pictures of my cat or my garden or my sewing or other stuff I made or did. Other times I like to rant.
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One Response to What I drove past on Blog for Choice Day

  1. Benyitzhak says:

    I was going to say, from that image, I’d guess that an abortion would be recommended, if the mother wasn’t already dead from the skull crushing her spine.

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