Swine Flu Paranoia Strikes Again

So about this choir that I’m in again….  We have a splinter group that goes around and sings at seniors’ lodges and extended care facilities and such-like during the holiday season.  It’s a lot of fun, because, well, singing! plus it’s a group of really enjoyable people, and the audiences are always super-appreciative.  I do have to do a certain amount of rationalizing with the whole going around singing about Jesus part of it, but let’s face it, most of the new non-Jesus carols kindof suck and I’d rather sing pretty songs.  That’s not what this is about, though.

This is about the Dreaded Swine Flu.  Having most likely had it, I can assure my dear readers that it really, really sucks.  And I had a comparatively mild case. 

Naturally, the places we go sing are going to be careful about infectious disease, since the people who live there are medically on the fragile side, and flu is a major killer of seniors.  (Though, for whatever reason, this version of Dreaded Swine Flu not as much.)  One of the infection control measures a number of these places have implemented is they now refuse to allow groups of more than eight people to visit.  Which I don’t entirely get.  On the one hand, the bigger the group, the higher the probability that there’s an infectious person included.  On the other, if 80 people were going to come for some event, but now they come in groups of 8 instead of all at once, how does that help anything?  Plus you’d think the type of activity would be something to consider.  A group of singers is going to have a different level of contact with the residents than, say, a group of hairdressers or animal therapists.  Never mind that people who have the flu generally CAN”T SING so they most likely wouldn’t go to a choir gig.

In any case, first we had a whole bunch of cancellations.  As in, about half of our engagements.  And now that the first wave of flu seems to have peaked, we’re getting all these calls to please come afterall and/or reschedule but at this point in the season we can’t.  And according to our director some of the places are trying to make her feel like she’s the bad guy.  grrrargh.


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Sometimes I like to post pictures of my cat or my garden or my sewing or other stuff I made or did. Other times I like to rant.
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