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Swine Flu Paranoia Strikes Again

So about this choir that I’m in again….  We have a splinter group that goes around and sings at seniors’ lodges and extended care facilities and such-like during the holiday season.  It’s a lot of fun, because, well, singing! plus … Continue reading

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Elvis is Alive!

Via Pharyngula, here comes one of my favourite (where “favourite” is only in the sense of love-to-mock) arguments that Christ really did rise from the dead, this time from Dinesh D’Souza:

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In today’s Shakesville Open Thread, one of the currents of conversation is how to curse and excoriate without using words that invoke all those bad -isms.  It’s an important skill, if you ask me.  Up there with being funny without … Continue reading

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I think I forgot to mention

kitten pictures! Continue reading

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A Whinge – Verdi, Rouse, and Dr. Seuss

So this choir I joined.  We just finished doing the Verdi Requiem, which was a lifetime-highlight experience for me.   Now we’re in the final phases of preparing for our Christmas concert.  Not nearly so thrilling.  Not every composition can be … Continue reading

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