Because boobies always get people’s attention!

This is the inaugural post in what is intended to be a series of photos where I document the pervasiveness of sexist stereotypes and outright misogyny in my visual environment.  I intend to only include things I photograph myself, and only stuff I see in the course of my day to day life – I’m not planning, for example, to go driving around town looking for this stuff.

So, without further comment, here’s the cover of the local tabloid rag from June 15, 2009, demonstrating their ingenuity in finding ways of putting gratuitous T&A on the front page:


About The Intransigent One

Sometimes I like to post pictures of my cat or my garden or my sewing or other stuff I made or did. Other times I like to rant.
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2 Responses to Because boobies always get people’s attention!

  1. WWWebb says:

    You live in Edmonton and you’re “shocked, shocked” by this?


    I learned about the Edmontonian proclivity towards festooning their tabloids with gratuitous T and A during the ’06 Stanley Cup run (disclaimer: Carolina Hurricanes fan here).

    And I *was* shocked. None of the newspapers in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (N.C., USA) area do anything remotely like that.

  2. Heh, I wish I could say I was shocked. Sadly, far from shocked, for the reasons you’re quite aware of. This project is more a matter of trying to document and collect it. Consider it a project for explaining the wetness of water to fish. And the reason I’m doing it now rather than back in ’06 is just that now I have a blog and then I didn’t.

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