!@#$ Cat

This is Lilith. I love her very much, but she is a very bad cat.


Sometimes she is bad on purpose; the other day she was bad without meaning to be.

We just recently moved to a new place, and it has in-suite laundry, which is a novelty to both of us.  On Friday, we had a very exciting night.  I put in a load of laundry, and cleaned the litter box.  Lilith expressed her appreciation in her customary manner.  While she was in the middle of that, the washer shifted from filling to agitating with a big loud clunk.  I would have preferred if it had scared the crap out of her.  As it was, she bolted without bothering to finish, with the poo still hanging out of her little bum.  Up the stairs and into the living room, leaving a little breadcrumb trail behind her.

I grabbed a paper towel and followed the trail – let’s just say I’m glad her food is agreeing with her.  I found her in the living room, hopping around and squeaking, still with a decent-size cling-on that hadn’t detached.  She wouldn’t let me wipe her bum, so I had to chase her around and try to pick her up.  She expressed her objection with her claws.  I have a nice bloody scratch on my neck.

On the bright side, the cling-on detached during the altercation and I was able to find it and dispose of it before either of us stepped in it, and as far as I can tell she didn’t sit down on anything while I was on the trail.


About The Intransigent One

Sometimes I like to post pictures of my cat or my garden or my sewing or other stuff I made or did. Other times I like to rant.
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