Godbag Fail

So this morning while the cable guy was connecting my new place to the intertoobz, I got a visit from a Jehovah’s Witness.

JW: Good morning, welcome to the neighborhood!  Have you read the Bible?

Me: Yes I have, and that’s why I’m an atheist.


About The Intransigent One

Sometimes I like to post pictures of my cat or my garden or my sewing or other stuff I made or did. Other times I like to rant.
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3 Responses to Godbag Fail

  1. The Arbourist says:

    Fantastic work. Perhaps we need to add the anti-proselytizer to your moniker . :>

  2. Let’s not be too hasty! That’s the only one I’ve successfully deflected.

  3. Jezebella says:

    [snort] Nicely done.

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